The next hurdle for ResponsiveRead

As the world caved in due to the pandemic, the development for ResponsiveRead became slow and has been stagnent for a few months.

However, I can announce that the development is coming back!

I will be pushing my development efforts by:

  • Migrating from React to Next
    • Allows for SSR when needed
    • Better server performance
  • Adding digital assets management
    • Powered by cloud services
    • Allows for users to upload and use thier own images rather then relying on a stock photo library
  • Greatley improving the security and performance
    • Various bug fixes
  • Adding more customisation to blocks and pages
  • Reflowing the UI and improving the UX

Future features / wishlist

  • 1 account many projects
    • Currently, its 1 account 1 project based on being completley free
  • Statically exported finished builds to client
    • Currently, once a user has finished their project, it stays hosted with us and a URL is generated for them to use
    • This will allow users to take their exported code and use wherever they like
  • Custom blocks created by user
    • Currently, there are fixed blocks that do certain things. This would allow users to create and reuse their own flexible block

Heres a preview of the refreshed user dashboard:

Big things are coming, stay tuned.