Check back to see progress!

Timeline & progress


General / performance

  • Fully migrate from React to Next
    • Refactor APIs so they are all done on the server
    • Updated state management engine
    • SSR certain parts of the application
    • Add in time based sessions to singn user out if inactive

User experience

  • Refresh the look of the main dashbaord and sidepanel
  • Include a help guide


  • Allow for users to upload their own assets through the dashboard
  • Allow for users to control and change colour themes
  • Allow for creation of multiple projects on 1 account
  • Allow for users to further customise the transitions of each page

Future Ideas

  • Integrate eCommerce features into the app for users that wish to sell digital assets only (videos, files etc)
  • Allow for users to export their project as a zip package so can they host themselves
  • Include a theme / template buolder so users can quickly have access to their own templates
    • As opposed to building out each page with blocks