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What exactly is ResponsiveRead?

ResponsiveRead is a tool designed to help create responsive digital documents and reports.

Time and time again, people are still using PDF documents across a range of devices to layout and display information in various layout schemes. For example:

  • eBooks
  • Annual reports
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Restuarnt menus
  • Microsoft word documents

Just to name a few...

PDF documents provide a general layout however they lack the responsiveness of a website and the user experience of an app. Thats where ResponsiveRead steps in.

ResponsiveRead aims to bridge the gap between all three (PDF, website & app) to create an all in one solution providing a digital document architecture.

The history

The idea of ResponsiveRead first came about when I started developing at the company I still work at to this day, Penknife Design.

At the time, I was an apprentice just starting to get the hang of JavaScript and PHP, but during my freetime me and my mentor would research differrnt technologies to help improve our digital work. This was kind of the beggining when I learned about adding page transitions and JavaScript animations which completley changed the feel of a basic webpage.

It wasnt until after doing a few eBook style project and after hearing positive feedback, we started wondring how far we could push the idea.

Today I am still the only developer adding more and more to this product. It is currently in alpha mode and subjet to testing.

How does it work?

ResponsiveRead is mainly targeted towards the B2B sector, but can also be used and highly customisable for individual customers.

In a nutshell, a user can create an account with us which then gives them access to our web platofrm where the creation of these digital documents can take place. The platform allows the user to build their content in a drag and drop style way that appeals for individuals with no coding experience.

Alternativeliey, for larger scale pieces, the project will be completley hand written so its 100% original and unique with no templating involved.


Can i try it?


You can view the website here and try ResponsiveRead by signing up here:

After you sign up, you will then be prompted to sign onto the platform using the username and password you just created. By default the system will generate a default page for you. You can then edit this page, and new pages and blocks and experiment.


Remeber that ResponsiveRead is very much in Alpha, meaning that there are bugs and it is not an official product yet.

Here is a quick flythrough of the user dashboard and block tools:

Some of the tools consist of:

  • Full text editor
  • Column layout
  • Cards
  • Sections
  • Icons
  • Counter
  • Popup
  • Custom HTML area

There is also a global options area that includes things like:

  • Global custom CSS colour pallette
  • Custom fonts
  • Set a animation / transition style